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A word from Deborah

"In 1997, I started the first Sleep Training Board of the #1 Parenting Site (ParentSoup) which I lead for almost 5 years. After 5 years of analyzing, listening, and making the connections I compiled all that knowledge into one site,

The information I have gathered for this site is a compilation of what I have learned through my experiences working with families over the years and educating myself about the science behind children's sleep. The basis of my knowledge comes first and foremost from Dr. Marc Weissbluth's insights, who's pediatric office my son attended as a newborn . Marc Weissbluth educates parents on the science behind children's sleep and how sleep works biologically. When you understand this then solving problems in your child's sleep is quite simple in fact.

Where I come in all this, is when parents need a little more hand-holding or explanation of how to apply the information to their situation. After many years of working with families my style of support/advice is "open-minded" and flexible. Advice varies with families, however, the goal is always the same. Getting the family on the right track to better sleeping means a consolidated effort from all family members. What works for one family might not work for another because lifestyles and attitudes of those families differ. With that said, we have to agree that the only "right" solution to solving sleep problems is what works for that individual family. Getting to the core of the sleep problem might include creating a new schedule for the family or something simple like adding a nap.

It is important to understand that sleep problems occur because of poor timing of sleep. Finding out when your child needs to be sleeping according to her own unique internal clock is the answer to her sleeping problems. Where a child sleeps shouldn't make a difference if a child is sleeping at the times she needs to be sleeping.

This site will enable you to find your child's natural sleep rhythms and give you the tools to recognize changes in those rhythms as they grow. Keeping a child well rested and fulfilling those individual sleep needs will allow for good sleeping habits which should continue on throughout life."

Please contact me if you would like to know more about what we do, 203-559-4674