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    Welcome to Family Sleep

    Welcome to Family Sleep. A place where you can find solutions and support if you are experiencing difficulties with your children's sleep. Here you will find in-depth information covering: the most common sleeping challenges in newborns to school aged children, sleep tools, books and the latest children's sleep news. You will also find a choice of services, from face-to-face to phone and email consultations.  For updated programs and offerings please see below.


    New Offerings from Family Sleep


    A Career as a Child Sleep Consultant: Get Certified

    Dreading going back to work?  Are you looking for a new career that can not only change your life but the life of the people you work with.  There are no shortage of sleepless children and families are desperately seeking professionals who specialize in this line of work. Deborah Pedrick (Founder of, President of the newly formed Family Sleep Institute and co-founder of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants is offering the very first Child Sleep Consultant Certification program.  Don't miss out on this amazing and rewarding profession, GET CERTIFIED! For more information about becoming a Child Sleep Consultant visit our Family Sleep Institute page.

    Currently A Child Sleep Consultant: Join the Association

    For our seasoned Child Sleep Consultants.  Please visit your association, The International Association of Child Sleep Consultants to become a member

    Fussy/Colicky Newborn, Calming/Soothing Techniques Consultation

    Taught by our very own, Ingrid Preuher, Newborn Calming/Soothing specialist.  We are offering this wonderful opportunity for parents of extremely fussy/colicky infants to learn how to better soothe and calm their infants during the first few months of life.  Keeping our babies rested during this phase is very challenging on both parents and child.  Learn techniques to help calm your baby and keep your baby as rested as he/she can during this difficult time.  Click here for more information.